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Teeth Whitening in Thousand Oaks


Want to reveal a brighter, whiter smile to the world? Teeth whitening can completely transform the appearance of your smile…

Your teeth may become discolored or stained for a number of reasons. Everyday activities such as your dietary habits can have a significant effect on the appearance of your smile. Caffeine, tea, red wine, soft drink, tobacco and Tetracycline antibiotics; can all cause tooth discoloration. Through tooth whitening treatment we can reverse the affect of tooth discoloration; helping you recapture your smile.

Teeth Whitening with Dr. Fathi

The complete procedure takes less than an hour and begins with a preparation period followed by 45 minutes of bleaching. During the procedure, patients may comfortably watch television or listen to music. Dr. Fathi can also custom fit a tooth whitening tray to your individual dental needs. This can be done quickly and easily in your initial visit. The tray is then worn at night with the whitening gel, while you sleep, until your teeth are as bright as you want.

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