Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry in Thousand Oaks

Get the natural solution for your dental needs…

At Laura Fathi D.D.S. in Thousand Oaks, California we provide biomimetic dental treatments for a more natural solution to your dental needs. This less invasive dental option may be used to restore your damaged, decayed or cracked teeth. After a full mouth assessment we will determine whether a biomimetic treatment is best for you. This advanced technology can be an effective solution to your dental needs.

What is biomimetic dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry is a type of dental treatment designed to conserve your natural teeth and to help restore your smile. Biomimetic dentistry treats weak, cracked, or decaying teeth in addition to sealing them from bacterial invasion as a means to restore the strong and health of your natural teeth.

Biomimetic dentistry: conserve your teeth as nature intended…

Preservation and conservation are the cornerstones of Biomimetic dentistry. The application of Biomimetic dentistry is founded on the Biomechancial characteristics of our teeth. With nature as our guide, this treatment studies the natural properties of teeth such as the look, feel and their natural movement to better duplicate what nature intended. Naturally, teeth move, bend and have physical dynamics of force that must be accounted for when re-making the tooth. As a result of advances in dental scientific literature and new technologies, Biomimetic dentistry capitalizes on innovative materials to create teeth that look, feel and function just like your natural teeth. Furthermore, this innovative treatment reduces the need to cut down teeth for crowns and can reduce or even eliminate the need for root canal treatments.

Modern materials and techniques: the foundation of Biomimetic dentistry…

With Biomimetic dental procedures, we are able to bond or glue teeth back together and can add missing parts of the tooth without removing volumes of the tooth structure. Before, with traditional dentistry, we had to destroy the healthy tooth structure to accommodate for the new restoration. Now, with the application of modern adhesives and bonding materials we are able to restore your smile rather than resorting to crowns and root canal treatment which utilizes grooves, slots, pins and other non-adhesive retention elements. Whats more, the patient can also benefit from the economic implications of not needing invasive dental treatment as seen in traditional dentistry (such as tooth/teeth extraction).

What conditions can you treat with Biomimetic treatment?

There are many restorative treatments that suit the application of Biomimetic dentistry. During your consultation here at Laura Fathi D.D.S, Dr Fathi will conduct a full oral examination to assess which treatment option is best suited for you, and for your oral health. Often, conditions like periodontal disease and caries (decay) can be eliminated with modern Biomimetic therapies, along with good oral hygiene and proper at-home care. Through the use of conservative Biomimetic materials and techniques, we can treat, reduce, restore and even eliminate a range of dental problems including:

  • Tooth decay
  • Restoration of old fillings

Since Biomimetic dentistry is largely focused on preservation and conservation of your teeth, this treatment is of most help to the nerve of the tooth, it helps by soothing the nerve therefore avoiding a root canal. Here at Laura Fathi D.D.S. we are committed to preserving the tooth pulp (the heart of the tooth), which is vital to the patients lifelong dental experience–Biomimetic dentistry makes this possible.

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