Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift in Thousand Oaks

Sinus Lift

Some patients require additional assistance to ensure the success of their dental implants. When this is the case, Dr. Fathi will recommend a sinus lift to raise the height of your upper jaw and properly place the implants for longterm oral health.

Determining If You Need a Sinus Lift

During your consultation, Dr. Fathi will examine your mouth to determine if a sinus lift is right for you. Many patients who are candidates experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Tooth Loss - losing a molar can lead to the reduction of your jaw bone
  • Bone Resorption - after many years of missing a tooth, the bone begins to absorb back into the body, making it difficult to place implants.
  • The Closeness of Sinus to Upper Jaw - the shape and size of the maxillary sinus vary from patient to patient and, if too close to the jaw, can make it challenging to insert implants.

How a Sinus Lift Works

Before the surgery, Dr. Fathi will use x-rays and possibly a CT scan to determine the height and width of your existing bone. During the operation, Dr. Fathi will graft the new bone to the area for implants. After surgery, it generally takes four to twelve months for your bone and gums to heal enough for dental implants.

After your sinus lift procedure, it is vital to follow-up with Dr. Fathi to guarantee the success of the treatment. She will provide you with all the guidelines and medication needed to recover well. Most patients experience a small amount of discomfort following the operation. However, if you experience intense pain, please call our office immediately.

Sinus Lift with Dr. Fathi

If you have experienced tooth loss, Dr. Fathi can help you determine if a sinus lift or other cosmetic dental option is best for you. We are passionate about helping our patients have a confident and healthy smile for longterm oral health. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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