Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment in Thousand Oaks, CA

For the past two decades, lasers have become a mainstay in the dental world. Today, laser dentistry provides our Thousand Oaks, CA, dentist Dr. Laura Fathi with a safe, effective, and precise tool for being able to treat a wide range of oral soft tissue problems. Lasers tend to be a popular choice amongst both our dental team and our patients, as there is little to no heat, it’s often gentler and less invasive than traditional techniques, and there are fewer post-procedural side effects such as bleeding and discomfort.

What Soft Tissue Problems Can Lasers Treat?

Our gums and soft tissue are as important as your teeth and jawbone and yet most people forget about their gums until a problem arises. Whether you’re dealing with a congenital oral problem or an issue that has developed over time, Dr. Fathi and her team can provide you with the laser dentistry you need to treat these issues quickly, safely, and successfully. Here are some of the ways in which lasers can be used,

  • To treat gum disease and remove loose or diseased gum tissue (known as a gingivectomy)
  • To remove excess tissue under the tongue (frenum) or upper gums to reverse dysfunction and improve speech and bite (more common in children)
  • To remove canker sores and other lesions of the soft tissue
  • To contour and reshape the gums
  • To lengthen the crown of a tooth (requires removal of gum tissue to reveal more tooth structure)
  • To make more precise and less invasive incisions into the gums or soft tissue

What are the Types of Dental Lasers Used?

When it comes to treating conditions that impact the soft tissue, there are many lasers out there that can be utilized. Some lasers emit pulsed wavelengths of light, while others provide continuous light energy. The most common lasers used for soft tissue treatment include,

  • Carbon dioxide lasers
  • Argon lasers
  • Diode lasers (the most common)
  • Nd:YAG laser
  • H:YAG lasers

What are the benefits of laser therapy?

Laser dentistry provides patients of Dr. Fathi with a safe, minimally invasive treatment option for addressing their soft tissue concerns. It has also made it possible to move away from some invasive oral surgeries in place of less aggressive laser treatments. The advantages of laser dentistry are,

  • Lasers will not harm or damage hard tissue or affect the dental pulp (the structure inside the tooth)
  • Lasers are safe to use around dental restorations including implants
  • Laser dentistry often requires less anesthesia
  • Lasers reduce the amount of procedural bleeding
  • Lasers treatments may not require stitches like traditional methods often do

Whether you have questions about laser dentistry or you wish to sit down with our dentist Dr. Fathi to discuss treatment options for improving or treating gum problems, call our practice today at (805) 496-6177!

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