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Sleep apnea is a potentially harmful condition that can disrupt your sleep, general health and the quality of sleep of those around you. Here at Laura Fathi D.D.S we can diagnose and treat your sleep apnea using our advanced technology and expertise.

Sleep Apnea uncovered…

Snoring occurs when the muscles at the back of your mouth relax and fall back into your throat, causing a vibration. Sleep apnea is similar to snoring but rather than the throat being partially blocked, the throat is completely blocked so you can’t breathe. The brain detects the loss of oxygen and kick starts your breathing again. Symptoms of sleep apnea can include tiredness during the day, poor concentration, anxiety and depression.

If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to a range of serious health conditions including high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

Sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment..

At Laura Fathi D.D.S. we will perform a comprehensive analysis of your condition to discover the source of your snoring or sleep apnea. Your sleep apnea condition will either be caused by improper oral posture, excess tissue or a nervous system fault which can impede the natural breathing process. Once we have diagnosed your condition, we will have a consultation with you and discuss the various treatment options available. We may prescribe a custom designed oral appliance to reduce and potentially eliminate the symptoms associated with snoring and sleep apnea, which is a treatment that’s often offered to patients who are intolerant to CPAP machines.

Treat your sleep apnea to improve your partner’s sleep as well as your own

Besides assisting your own personal health by treating your sleep apnea and snoring, you’ll also be improving the quality of life of your partner or loved ones. Snoring and constant breathing disruptions can disturb your partners sleep just as much as your own, so it’s beneficial to everyone involved to have your sleep apnea treated by a dental/medical professional such as Dr. Laura Fathi.

Visit Dr. Laura Fathi to maintain your oral and general health

There has been a distinct link between oral habits and your general health. Part of Dr. Laura Fathi’s approach to dentistry is ensuring your ongoing health by perfecting your oral health. Laura Fathi and her team will safeguard your oral and general health by performing regular dental cleanings and monitor your mouth and body for discrepancies or symptoms of underlying health conditions such as sleep apnea which could affect your total health.

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