Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy in Thousand Oaks, CA

Ozone therapy as a Dental Treatment

Ozone therapy in dentistry is a natural, holistic, highly effective, and non-toxic treatment to eliminate infectious processes in the mouth. All with the power of oxygen and water. Ozone is an oxidant that eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites on contact.

Ozone treatment is actually not a new technique. Ozone / Oxygen gas has been used in dentistry and medicine around the world for decades. It has a safety record that exceeds that of any pharmaceutical agent. There are hundreds of professional studies documenting its safety and efficiency.

Ozone therapy is a very powerful tool to destroy bacteria which cause cavities while also assisting to remineralize teeth helping your smile become stronger. Even extremely large cavities can, quite predictably, be arrested and can reverse early lesions and heal teeth.

Ozone can help reduce teeth sensitivity and improve patient comfort.

Dr. Fathi also applies Ozone therapy for Periodontal (Gum) disease. Periodontitis is associated with halitosis (bad breath) and ultimately results in the loosening and loss of teeth. However, this can be far more than just a dental problem. Emerging medical research shows a high correlation between periodontal disease, cardiovascular disease and other chronic disease caused by the common link of inflammation.

Dr. Fathi takes a minimally invasive approach to her patients' many dental needs. Being conservative and achieving longevity in treating only the diseased portions of the tooth and mouth is extremely important. This preventative and proactive approach provides a better way to treat your dental health and hence your overall well-being.

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